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Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Sea of Monsters: Chapter (I Forget)

Okay, so I forget what chapter this was but all I know is that they left out an entire chunk of the book in the movie. The part where Percy gave Clarisse the Fleece and sent her on her way to Camp Half-Blood was left out which annoys me now that I think about it. How could they have left that part out!? That was one of the scenes where Percy and Clarisse aren’t at each other’s throats and they at least semi-like each other.

And then there was the scene where Percy got taken on board the Princess Andromeda and was held at sword point while Luke confessed to the whole of Camp Half-Blood that he had been the one to poison Thalia’s tree. THEY LEFT OUT THAT PART. Then there was also the part where the party ponies barged in and kicked some serious monster butt which would’ve been pretty badass to see.

The movies would get higher ratings and be loads better if the directors and writer’s even attempted to make them similar to the book, something they’re very bad at doing. They need a book slapper.

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